Terms and conditions

Please read through our terms and conditions carefully. Our terms and conditions apply to every visitor, as well as every user of our website, app, or any other medium we provide. By using this website, you give your implied consent to these terms and conditions.

Scope of applicability

bitbonez.com works as a medium to connect the user to a decentralized application that uses "smart contracts" and enables our users to mint non fungible tokens on our website. These non fungible tokens are stored as crypto collectibles on the Binance Smart Chain by encoding the photo's hash which the non fungible tokens they represent. No more than 2007 of these photos can ever be created. Bitbonez provides a website to communicate with the smart contract and to display the created photos.
Our website is free to use. In the case a user wants to store a generated BitBonez on the Binance Smart Chain, Bitbonez charges a fee of 0.07 BNB for the first 1000 tokens. Once the first 1000 have been sold, the price rise to 0.27 BNB for the next 800 Bitbonez. After 1800 Bitbonez have been sold, the price for the next 170 Bitbonez will respectively be 1 BNB. Once 1970 have been sold, the price will rise again to 2.7 BNB for the next 30 Bitbonez. The final 7 BitBonez will be 7 BNB each. Additionally, a transaction fee will be charged by the Binance Smart Chain. We reserve the right to change prices at any time.

Your account

We reserve the right to prohibit you from using our services at any time. This applies especially for violating applicable law or our Terms and conditions. Prohibiting usage of our services does not affect your ownership of acquired crypto collectibles.

Fees and payment


Through the minting of non fungible tokens and the use of the https://bitbonez.com/, you declare and guarantee the following:
You have a sufficient understanding of and experience with cryptographic tokens (particularly Binance Smart Chain), token storage mechanisms (e.g. crypto wallets) and blockchain technology in order to understand these terms and understand the risks and effects of the acquisition, the procurement and the exchange of platform-internal elements on Binance Smart Chain.
You have read and understood these terms (including all the annexes, if available).
You have received sufficient information on the https://bitbonez.com/ to make an informed decision on the purchase, holding or exchange of tokens.
You will not mint, hold, or exchange tokens for purposes other than to take part in the https://bitbonez.com/ platform.
The minting, your procurement and your exchange of articles and tokens tied to the platform comply with applicable laws and regulations in your place of jurisdiction, including but not limited to (i) the legal capacity and all other threshold requirements in your jurisdiction for the use and payment of BNB and the conclusion of contracts with the platform organiser, (ii) all the foreign currency or regulatory restrictions for this purchase and (iii) all the government or other approvals that must be obtained.
You will comply with all the tax obligations applicable in your jurisdiction which arise from the purchase, the procurement, or the exchange of cross-platform articles, if necessary.
If you mint, hold, or exchange tokens in the name of a natural or legal person, you are entitled to accept these terms in the name of this natural or legal person and this natural or legal person shall be responsible for any infringement of these terms by you or this natural or legal person or another employee or representative of this person.
You agree that when using the platform there is a risk that digital assets in the form of cryptocurrency can be lost, particularly through the loss of private keys, or by sending cryptocurrency, or non fungible tokens to the wrong address, and that the platform organiser is not liable to you for any such loss.


If you undertake to indemnify https://bitbonez.com/ from all third-party claims and from all liabilities, payment obligations, costs or damage that arise on account of or in connection with:
violations of the Terms and Conditions,
your infringements of industrial property rights or other rights of data protection provisions of third parties or any misuse of the service by third parties if the misuse was rendered possible by your failing to take reasonable measures to protect your username and password against misuse by third parties.